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What's in it for you?

As a nurse

  • Start doing why you love the this job: taking care of people
  • Stop wasting overtime on paperwork and complex software training

As a manager

  • Start working with live reporting and quality indicators
  • Stop composing and consolidating and spreadsheets

As a business owner

  • Start increasing customer satisfaction and EBIDTA as of day 1
  • Stop losing money on 'unplanned tasks'

Why you should get into.care

The into.care platform improves your workflow, helps you collaborate with team members and lets you regain control over your daily healthcare routines. It reduces the stacks of paper, and speeds up administrative processes. Our smart and intuitive mobile platform makes sure you can focus on qualitative patient care. Quality, efficiency and satisfied patients, that's why we're all into.care.

We empower your staff

Get the right tools for the job at the right time.

We're user-friendly

Use what's probably the most user-friendly healthcare app today.

We're fully integrated

Integrate our platform with all your different data sources.

We release free updates

All updates to our platform are included, no exceptions.

We show you the data

Get data insights on every level, live and on demand.

We're cross platform

Use our app on desktop, smartphones or tables. You decide.

We connect your team

Connect your care team on every level, from doctors to nurses, online and offline.

We're very secure

Get the healthcare platform that's GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Our added value by numbers


up to date patient data

up to65%

decrease in administration work per nurse per day

up to95%

overall decrease in software training time

  • 20% more hands on the bedside
  • better quality in care
  • higher customer satisfaction

What people say

Marc V.

Operational Manager

Other providers of automation make something that you can use when you adopt your organisation. Pridiktiv looks at the organization and how it works, and then builds something...

Rachida T

Head of Nursing #1 care home in Brussels, Belgium

The desktop care portal allows me to easily and efficiently design highly personalised care plans for our residents. Before my daily stand-up with our care team, I quickly check into.care portal to access where we can improve our quality of care.

Maureen K.


The into.care application guides me with ease through my daily tasks and allows me to quickly follow up on a resident. It's my digital assistant that takes away the administration hassle and lets me focus on my job: taking care.

Tom V.

Chief Operations Officer

into.care is the first mobile software to deliver real-time insights into care and business processes for all care organisations in our portfolio. It allows me and my quality coordinators to neatly design, follow up and improve quality of care throughout the whole organisation!'

Jo Vandeurzen

Minister for Health and Social Services

The digitalisation of the transmural care is by far the biggest opportunity is Flanders, Belgium and beyond.

Louis Jonckheere


into.care is to long term care as what Showpad is to sales and marketing.

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